July 27, 2017
7 months and 19 days since
our celebration.
Hello family,
      I appreciate all who attended the 2017 Coleman Family Reunion in Indianapolis and hope you all had a good to great time. I have placed some of my photos from the reunion on this site in the photo section. Hopefully, you will e-mail me some of YOUR photos so I can add them also. This site will continue to be active and I will soon add information concerning DNA testing, beginning genealogy, etc.
       I would like to thank my wife ( Lola ) for all her valuable help, my son (Johnathan )
for preparing the picnic food Saturday, Edward and Fred for their great presentations Friday night, Bernadine ( President of the Coleman Reunion Board ), Billy and Claudia Thomas for the beautiful pictures we raffled throughtout the weekend activities.
       Next year's Annual Coleman Family Reunion will be in Andalusia, Covington, Alabama
hosted by Howard Barrett. SEE YOU THERE !

                                 WILLIS ( BRYANT ) COLEMAN, SR  and  VIOLET  ??

    Maria               Elias,Sr                   Willis, Jr.                     Anthony             Jane  
 (James)             (Mollie )        (Charlotte) (Ellen) (Anna)    ( No marriage)           (?)
 (Kindred)           (Bryant)          

- Oliver               - Joseph       - Margaret - Emanuel - No        No Childred         --------
- Violet                 Bryant                                         Childred
                          - J C            - Gussie     - John Frank
                          - Alvin          - Lewis      - Sylvester
                          - Ophelia      - Berry       - Wheeler
                          - Willie         - Henry      - Samuel
                          - Johnne       - Lulu        - Whitfield
                          - Hattie         - Robert     
                          - George       
                          - Elias, Jr.
                          - Bonnie
                          - Hattie

   The above diagram is the essence of our joint or in common family history. We are all, with different last names, related because of Willis, Sr and Violet. Maybe one day , we will progress back beyond Willis, Sr and Violet and discover other distance relatives.

  ----- Well, when Fred gave his presentation, 7/28/2017, the reunion became a historic 
family reunion when his research information  "carried us back in history beyond Willis Sr and Violet Coleman". I think it's appropriate the he present the details of his findings , for those not at the reunion, at his appointed time. 

                                   Earnest / Lola Berry



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